The Non Numismatic Bibliography of Dr L.H. Cope

Published Papers

Lawrence Cope also authored many papers relating to his career as a research metallurgist.

ID Author(s) Title Publication Date Pages
1 Cope L.H. & Kellett F. A Simple Device for Plotting Inverse-Rate Cooling Curves Metallurgia,
Volume 53, No.315 (January)
1956 54
2 Frost B.R.T., Long W., Cope L.H., Manson J.E., Lambert J.D.B., Mardon P.G. & Lloyd H. Fabrication and Irradiation Studies of UO2 - Stainless Steel and (U,Pu)O2 - Stainless Steel Cermets Third United Nations International Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Atomic Energy,
Paper A/CONF.28/P/153 United Kingdom (May)
1964 1-15
3 Cope L.H. A Coining Technique for the Fabrication of Medium-Volume Cermet Nuclear Fuels Metallurgia,
Volume 70, No.418 (August)
1964 59-63
4 Cope L.H., Jackson P.W. & Wilkins B.J.S. The Braze Bonding of Cermet Nuclear Fuels Metallurgia,
Volume 70, No.420 (October)
1964 153-158
5 Hume G.J.T., Cope L.H. & Hall H.T. The Solid and Liquid State Diffusion of Copper into Stainless Steels Part I - Microscopical Studies of Diffusion in the Solid State Metallurgia,
Volume 71, No.425 (March)
1965 107-113
6 Hume G.J.T., Cope L.H. & Hall H.T. The Solid and Liquid State Diffusion of Copper into Stainless Steels Part II - Activation Energies for Diffusion in the Solid State; and Observations on the Mechanisms whereby Liquid Copper Attacks Solid Stainless Steels Metallurgia,
Volume 71, No.426 (April)
1965 169-175
7 Cope L.H. The Mechanical Properties of Nuclear Cermets Metallurgia,
Volume 72, No.432 (October)
1965 165-177
8 Frame A.G. & Cope L.H. The Progress of Fast Reactor Development in the United Kingdom BNX Review,
No.2 (November)
1967 13-16
9 Cope L.H. Nuclear Power Stations of the Future Project (Central Office of Information),
No.6 (Spring)
1968 23-27
10 Butcher B.R. & Cope L.H. The Elongation to Fracture of Unbonded Cermets International Journal of Powder Metallurgy,
Volume 4 No.4 (October)
1968 49-57


Many patents were granted where Lawrence Cope was the sole or co-inventor during his career with the UKAEA. The family understand that he held the greatest number of patents in that organisation. Many were classified, but the few non-secret ones are recorded here.

Number Inventor(s) Title International Versions
GB818193 Winton J. & Cope L.H. Improvements in or relating to Nuclear Reactors FR1189743
GB884946 Cope L.H. Improvements in or relating to Powders for Extinguishing Fires US3095372, CH380539, NL121911C, NL253384, NL275498
GB904366 Cope L.H. Improvements in or relating to Fuel for Nuclear Reactors FR1237086
GB913858 Cope L.H. & Sowden R.G. Improvements in or relating to Ceramic Fuel for Nuclear Reactors US3114689, BE592293, DE1166075
GB969975 Cope L.H. & Warmer R.J. Improvements relating to the Manufacture of Cermet Nuclear Fuels and Fuel Elements Containing Such Fuels US3336656, DE1260039
GB1063372 Cope L.H. Improvements relating to Stainless Steels, particularly for Nuclear Reactor Fuel Elements US3301668, FR1426494

Fire Extinguisher

Possibly the most important patent commercially (for the UKAEA) was GB884946 for his invention of the Ternary Eutectic Chloride (TEC) fire extinguisher, to fight fires of uranium, plutonium and thorium.

The Daily Mail of Thursday May 11, 1961 identified him as the inventor in this story:-

The Winter 1962 issue of Reactor (The Journal of the Reactor Group, UKAEA) continued with this story:- The Royal Navy Sea Hawk test was captured on film.

Later, a UKAEA internal news magazine reported:-

UKAEA Internal Reports held by The National Archives, Kew

Lawrence Cope wrote many reports during his career with the UKAEA and some of his earlier ones are included in UKAEA documents deposited with The National Archives.
(PFR = Prototype Fast Reactor)

TNA Ref. Author(s) Title Date UKAEA Ref.
AB 7/5437 L H Cope and J Winton Plutonium spikes for magnox canned gas cooled thermal reactors 1956 Nov IGR-TM/R099 (PTC/P5)
AB 7/6049 L H Cope Some suggested designs for plutonium spikes for the Magnox canned gas cooled thermal reactors 1957 Mar IGR-TN/R493 (PTC/P8)
AB 7/6086 L H Cope Plutonium fuel elements for advanced gas cooled reactors 1957 July IGR-TN/R533 (PTC/P9)
AB 7/6224 L H Cope The influence of reactor safety and health hazards on the selection of plutonium fuels for use in industrial gas cooled reactors 1957 Nov IGR-TN/R694
AB 7/10777 L H Cope The extinguishing of uranium and plutonium fires 1960 Jan DEG Report 29(D)
AB 7/10846 L H Cope Specification for a dry powder extinguishant for uranium and plutonium fires 1960 June DEG Report 144(D)
AB 7/11718 L H Cope and P W Jackson Thermal conductivity of 50 volume per cent cermets of uranium dioxide and stainless steel 1961 Jan DEG Memo 1524(D)
AB 7/11725 L H Cope The selection of the stainless steel matrix material and the canning material for PFR cermet fuel elements 1961 Mar DEG Memo 1536(D) (PFRDC/FEWP/P(61)42)
AB 7/11806 L H Cope Mechanical properties of cermets of uranium dioxide and stainless steel 1961 Mar DEG Memo 1638(D) (PFRDC/FEWP/P(61)34)
AB 7/12737 L H Cope PFR cermet fuel element: 316L matrix and can composition limits for alloy additions and impurities 1961 June TRG Memo 177(D)
AB 7/12764 L H Cope, A G Adwick, E R Bachelor, P W Jackson and R S Coulter Fabrication of 40 and 50 vol % PuO2 UO2 stainless steel cermets: March to June 1961 1961 Aug TRG Memo 208(D)
AB 7/14558 L H Cope A coining technique for the fabrication of medium volume cermet fuels 1962 Apr TRG Report 275(D)
AB 7/14566 L H Cope Physical and mechanical properties of AISI types 316 and 316L stainless steel 1962 Aug TRG Report 283(D)